Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Blessings

Getting ready for the big day. Mom and Dad are up for the holidays and my sister Beth will be joining us so we are having a West Virginia Christmas in NJ! The girls are loving it! (well, so am I!) Christy and Mom are getting all ready for our 'feast'. House smells great! Girls are waiting for tomorrow with eager expectation.

Thank you all for being there and the comments on FB. Its been an 'interesting' year and I am looking forward to 2010.

Sending my wish for Merry Christmas to all and warm wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Blessed New Year!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Some Dates and times for the PBS Special

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! Just thought I'd let you know that there are a few dates/times/stations listed for the Tale of Two Cities in Concert PBS Special. I have listed them below - if anyone knows of more, feel free to list them.

December 13th 8pm

Phoenix/Tucson w/ KUAT
Sunday 12/6 at 8pm
Sunday 12/13 at 4pm
Friday 1/1 at 8:30pm

Sunday 12/13 at 1:30pm
(Note: earlier reports included WUSF/Tampa, but now we have WEDU as well)

San Diego/KPBS
Sunday 12/6 at 9pm

Monday 11/30 at 8pm



New York NJN
Sunday 12/6 at 4:30pm
Friday 12/11 at 8pm

Philadelphia WHYY
Sunday 12/6 at 8pm

Dallas KERA
Sunday 12/13 at 8:30pm

San Francisco KQED HD
Sunday 12/6 at 9pm
Tuesday 12/8 at 1pm
Monday 11/30 at 7pm on KQED LIFE and KTEH

Boston WGBH
Thursday 11/26 at 9pm on 2
Sunday 11/29 at 4pm on 44

Houston KUHT
Sunday 12/13 at 4pm

Tampa WEDU
Friday 12/4 at 12pm

Seattle KBTC
Friday 12/11 at 8:30pm
Saturday 12/19 at 10pm
Sunday 12/20 at 4pm

Miami WPBT
Sunday 11/29 at 4:30pm

Cleveland WVIZ
Sunday 12/6 at 9pm

Denver KRMA
Sunday 11/29 at 9pm

Sacramento KVIE
Sunday 12/6 at 9pm

Portland OPB
Wednesday 12/2 at 8pm
Sunday 12/13 at 8pm

Pittsburgh WQED
Sunday 12/6 at 9pm

Raleigh/Durham UNC-MX
Saturday 1/9 at 8pm

Kansas City KCPT
Sunday 12/6 at 7pm

Columbus WOSU
Sunday 11/29 at 4:30pm

Spartanburg SCETV
Sunday 12/6 at 9pm

San Antonio KLRN
Sunday 12/6 at 8pm

West Palm Beach WXEL
Tuesday 12/1 at 8pm and 11:30pm
Sunday 12/6 at 7pm

Grand Rapids WGVU
Sunday 11/29 at 9pm

Birmingham APT
Sunday 12/6 at 12:30pm

Saturday, November 21, 2009

PBS Special

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to let everyone know that the PBS Special of A Tale of Two Cities in Concert, which I recorded this summer in London and Brighton (along with James Barbour , Brandi Burkhardt, Natalie Toro and many others), will be shown in December on PBS.

Here is a link about it: Tale on PBS

There is also a preview here: Broadwayworld preview

Check your local listings to find out when this will be shown in your area.

Hope you enjoy!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Rain, Wind, Ice, Snow and a Benefit

Last week we (Christy, Laurie Gayle-Stephenson and I) did a benefit/fundraiser for the Eastern Christian School and Christian Health Center in Franklin Lakes, NJ – and I think we have finally thawed! The benefit was outdoors – in a tent. On that day, we had the first snow of the season and temperatures were more like December than October with a March wind. Well, there is no planning for that sort of thing. The tent was heated and the heaters were working overtime. My compliments to the large number of folks who braved the elements to attend and helped raise funds. We had a great time presenting the show and hope that everyone enjoyed themselves.

Be Well

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Re-inventing myself...

Over the span of my career I have found that I need to re-invent myself. This realization has come to me every few years in my life. Early on in my career I was very interested in Broadway and spent all of my time focusing on that goal. Then I started concertizing along with pursuing the Great White Way! This was great for a while except it took more and more of my time searching for work. In fact, the only thing that was constant in my life was looking for a job. For a while that was enough. That situation has taught me a great deal. For instance, I am not afraid of being out of work. Now I feel like I am ready for another change.

We are living in a very unique time in the US. This time will be written about in the text books of the future. The only thing constant is change. I feel well prepared to deal with this time in life. I will still be singing as much as I can, however, due to the current economic climate I am pursuing many other avenues to support my beautiful family. Albert Einstein said " the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." It's time for me to find another way to support my family. I'll keep you posted on how it is going!

Talk to you soon.

God bless!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

To each his, or, her own

Thanks for your great comments on my facebook page over the past few days. It is great to get thought provoking views from friends. Keep it up!

This leads me to say how thankful I am that I have such great friends that will give me their honest heartfelt opinions on the comments I make as I share with you what's going on in my little world. One or two friends led me to some reviews of the the book "The Secret." The reviews were very interesting. Thanks! I hope all of you know that, since my faith and my opinion is based on biblical teaching, I will always do my best to comment from those principles. Through GOD all things are possible!

That being said, "positive thinking," is a fabulous tool to move ourselves forward through this life. Far too many people dwell in the past, or, on the negative! "I can't do this, or, I can't do that." I Can't, is a thought based in fear or worry. Christ said, "Who of you, by worrying, can add a single hour to his life." (Matthew 6:27) It is my opinion that we are to be living in the present and planning for our great reward in the future! Also, we are here to help each other, I feel we ALL need to be paying more attention to what's going on around us. Get out and do something to help others achieve what they want and you will soon be achieving what you want.

God Bless!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

God and me...

Today I want to speak with you about my beliefs. This is an attempt for you to know more about me. I've been speaking recently about keeping a positive attitude. In staying as positive as possible and using the Law of Attraction as it relates to the universe I want to be clear. It is my belief that God created the universe.

Further, I believe that we are created in His likeness for His pleasure. I believe He communicates with us and He longs for us to communicate with Him. In his book, "Hearing God," Larry Kreider says, "we can expect God to speak to us... we'll find that our ears must be tuned to hear Him."

I find that if I spend some time each day trying to speak with and hear God my day goes better. Perhaps you will have the same result! Do something nice for someone today and have a great day!


Monday, September 21, 2009

"This Is A Magnificent Universe!" - Be careful what you ask for, ok?

My inspiration today comes directly from "The Secret," the book by Rhonda Byrne. In the pages of this guide she uses many spiritual and inspirational teachers to lead us all closer to the understanding of this wonderful truth, This Is A Magnificent Universe! Here it is Marci Shimoff, once again, that reminds us of a quote from the great Albert Einstein.

"The most important question any human being can ask themselves is, 'Is this a friendly universe?" - Albert Einstein

It is then Ms. Byrne that adds "knowing the law of attraction, the only answer to give is, Yes, the universe is friendly. Why? Because when you answer in this way, by the law of attraction you must experience that."

So, let's be careful out there and only put out the good stuff! That way all that can come back to us is the Good Stuff! Talk to you tomorrow!

God Bless!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Staying Positive!

Staying positive in the tough times is easier said than done. Does anyone else have this problem? I sometimes get bogged down with the little things. I'm always learning how to let go and and let God take care something else. I will over come this! I will conquer this challenge by continuing to send positive thoughts of gratitude, joy, peace, and LOVE! You will too!

I'm going to continue to share with everyone on a daily basis from various "Gurus" on the subject of inspiration. Eventually I will also be recommending programs by some of these "Gurus," as well as, some products that I have tried and found to be useful and helpful in my own quest to be a positive influence our society. I hope you will find this practice of mine helpful and perhaps useful as well!

"Once you begin to understand and truly master your thoughts and feelings, That's when you see how you create your own reality." Marci Shimoff

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Feeling Grateful!

Considering, the challenging time in which we live, today I find myself feeling grateful. Grateful for my relationship with God! Grateful for my family and friends. Grateful for my home. Grateful that, as I awake, I am anxiously filled with love and joy to face the coming day. Grateful that I am an American! Grateful, that, for now at least, as an americans I am free.

I challenge you today and everyday to think only positive thoughts. Only thoughts of love and gratitude for even the smallest of things. Be well and God Bless! -- Mark

"It is the combination of thought and Love which forms the irresistible force of the law of attraction." -- Charles Haanel

Friday, September 11, 2009


Today I find myself in Huntington WV. I am here to attend a dedication of a Running Track. It's not just any running track. This track is being dedicated to Dr. Paul Ambrose. Dr. Paul died on the plane that crashed into the Pentegon on 9/11. He was senior clinical advisor with the Office of the Surgeon General who worked toward improving health care in his country with a special focus on minorities. His parents, Ken and Sharon, live here in Huntington, WV and these types of programs (running tracks in rural areas to enable people to become more physically fit) were what Paul focused on. This particular project is a 26 mile bicycle and pedestrian track and is called the Paul Ambrose Trail for Health

His mother and father were key in getting this project done. These loving parents have been able to take up the cause that Paul worked for as their own and thereby turned this tragedy into great gain for everyone. I was very honored to be asked to come and be a part of the dedication.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Looking for work.......

I am having a great career, spanning some 25 years now, in the entertainment industry! I continue to reap the benefits of joy, satisfaction and accomplishment from the bountiful gifts I received from God through my mother and father. God willing I will always do so.

I have tried to reinvent myself, on any number of occasions, to fit the vision of others and win a desired part while staying true to myself as an artist. Yet I wonder sometimes if anyone really knows of the trials we as artists go through on a daily basis to keep fresh, motivated, or, even relevant in a constantly changing world. At this point in my career I am once again finding myself in a place of change.

Going forward while I write this blog I am going to attempt to explain some of these trials in addition to letting you know where I happen to be at a given time. It is my hope that you will get to know who I am through these efforts and perhaps take comfort in knowing that no matter where we are along life's path we all have trials to overcome and crosses to bare.

Be well......

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Can you say Spa treatment?

Hey everyone! I had a great time this weekend in Blowing Rock and Banner Elk, NC! The Westglow Resort and Spa in Blowing Rock is truly delightful! The food was great and the hospitality exceptional! Mr. Hamlisch and I also had a great time performing at a fund raiser for a new "Temple of the high country" in Banner Elk. Wonderfully friendly people in these little out of the way places! Back with you soon!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Thanks to Grace and Kylie

I had a great experience this week! I decided it was time that my two daughters see first hand what dad does to put shoes on their lovely little feet. So, Wednesday evening we took a road trip up the NY State Thruway to Saratoga Springs, NY, where I was singing with my good friend Mr. Marvin Hamlisch and the fabulous Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra. We had a great time!

We stayed at the Gideon Putnam Hotel which is a stones throw from the incredible (SPAC) Saratoga Performing Arts Center where the concert was being held. The next morning the girls got a true "behind the scenes" view of dad's job. They met all the important people you know the stage hands like Jimmy and the sound crew Matt and Tiffany and of course the artists liaison Nancy Meyer who said that they could come back any time! I hope I get to come back with them. The girls helped me count and sell CD's and we all got a ride in the cart where Mark our driver kept us entertained by humming songs as we guessed the titles. We also got to spend time with a conductor friend of mine Mr. Ernie Green. Marvin hired Ernie to come with him and man the podium when Marvin was playing. The Symphony really performed well under both Marvin and Ernie and from the exuberance of the crowd I feel safe saying a good time was had by all!

The highlight of the trip for me was spending good quality face time with my two precious beauties. They grow up so fast and I always miss them so much when I'm away. I am so proud of them! They really behaved like the perfect little ladies I know some day they will grow up to be! Most of that credit goes to there mom! I am proud of you too honey!

Well it's off to the next gig!

Talk soon......

Monday, August 17, 2009

How are things?

Well, there is just no way possible to catch up from being gone for a week if you have to leave again in less than a week. I take off tomorrow evening for the gig in Saratoga With MH and I'm going to take my girls with me. Well, two out of three of them anyway. Grace and Kylie are going to get the back stage view of what dad does when he goes away on business.

Not too long ago at an audition the agent asked Kylie what daddy did for work. All she could answer is that he just works and works. So, I figured it was about time to let them see first hand. I forget that when they do the concerts with us in Ridgewood that they are more interested in what they are doing than what we are doing.

More to come soon!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Thanks to all for the prayers. The audition went well.

It was really a great trip and I got to meet with some terrific people. Flew home to JFK on British Airways with Marvin Hamlisch on Thursday.

I'll be home for a few days then off again. Will be going to Saratoga Performing Arts Center to appear with the Philadelphia Orchestra conducted by Marvin Hamlisch.

Will write more soon.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

London - continued

This trip to London more pleasurable than last (this trip being with Marvin Hamlisch)

Staying at one of last privately owned and run hotels in London The Goring.

Visited Michael at the Dress Circle a Theatre/ Music Shop on Monmouth Street.

Wonderful dinner at Wolsley with Steven and Rocky Gotlieb Steven is a retired music publisher for Schirmer - Rocky is in Real Estate.

Lots of time to walk the parks and such

Four performances with Marvin Hamlisch at Pizza Express Jazz club on Dean Street
The first two went very well. Very warm audiences and well recieved. Marvin was his exceptional witty self. Maria Friedman has a uniquely beautiful voice and wonderful control

All prayers are welcome as I prepare to audition once again for JVJ in Les Mis on Wednesday 8/12 at 4:15 PM London time 5 hours ahead of East Coast time
I miss performing this role and delivering this compassionate message of hope and redemption

Trouble posting from London so my assistant Barb is helping out.
Back to you soon!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

London Town

Well, folks - this will be short -

Today - Marvin (Hamlisch) and I are off to Covent Gardens to 'people watch'. I'll let you know about it.

BTW - we are staying just 2 blocks away from the Queen. Nice, huh?

Back later,


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back in London

Good Evening all -

Flew back across the 'pond' today. Great flight. Love the daytime flights as the jet lag is not as bad. We flew British Airways today (Marvin Hamlisch and I). Weather is a bit rainy here, but, hey, I'm used to that! LOL

Have to get some sleep now. Back to you soon!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back to Basics

Well, all the folks have gone home. Scott and his family left the night of the concert while Christy's Mom just left. My Mom and Dad actually got to see all their children in the last month as once they returned home to Huntington, WV (the city where my sister, Beth is also currently living) - my brother Phil and his son visited them. Christy, Kylie, Grace and I stopped by to see Phil and his family on our way up from Florida last month.

So, now we are back to the business of 'summer' and it is finally seeming like summer - hot and humid. For me, this time is short as I will be leaving Thursday for London once again. This time to appear with Marvin Hamlisch at the Dean St. Jazz Club. This should be fun.

I'll get back to you soon!

Friday, July 31, 2009

"A Grand Night for Singing"!

In a season where plans have been interupted by RAIN - we were blessed to have a wonderful 'rain-free' evening - Truly a blessing! And thanks to all of you who came out - it was quite a large crowd.

For those of you who could not attend, we did a night of Richard Rodgers. Music from some of his most famous Broadway shows such as, Carousel, Sound of Music, Oklahoma and more. Performing were Christy and myself of course, our daughters, Grace and Kylie; Sally Ann Tumas Skoric, Laurie Gayle Stephenson and also Sally Ann's son, Greg.

With all the traveling I do, it is always a pleasure to sing 'at home'. This year, my Mom and Dad were here as well as Christy's Mom and my brother Scott, his wife Susan and their son. It was wonderful to have so many of our family members here!

There are great pictures up on my Facebook page thanks to Matt Richman (thanks, Matt). and I look forward to any other pictures/video you folks would like to share.

Oh, yes, it stayed dry - then the rain returned overnight. What a summer..................

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Well, folks -

So far, it looks like the weather will hold. We have a great show planned, so, come on out (if you can) and join us! And can't wait to see any photos you may take tonight and share on my Facebook page.

See you later!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Just writing a brief note - Mom and Dad are here now and its great to have them with us. The girls are loving this and, well, so am I.

I'm busy working on Thursday's show and getting ready for Tuesday (interview and performance) - very busy week!

Talk soon

Friday, July 24, 2009

Family and Stagebuddy

Hi folks,

Just got back from a few days R&R at Camp-of-the-Woods in NY. It is such a great family vacation spot. We had a wonderful time - lots of things to do- but, of course vacations must come to an end - eventually.

We can keep the 'vacation' feeling going a bit as today my parents are arriving. It will be great to see them again. Not only are they arriving today - but, they will be here through next week when we do our concert at the RidgewoodBand Shell in Ridgewood, NJ on July 30 . I will write more on that and our guests in a later post.

Be back soon - and remember to come out and join me for my interview on Tuesday night with Stagebuddy at the Players Theatre in NYC.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 Interview

Hi all,

I wanted to let you know that I will be interviewed on on Tuesday evening, July 28th at the Players Theatre, 115 McDougall St., NYC - with a performance (perhaps). It is open to the public, so, if anyone is in NYC or in the area, come on out and join me. I would love to see and meet you!


Monday, July 20, 2009

How Time Gets Away From Us......

So many things to do, so little time! I really wanted to post sooner than this - but, this elusive thing called 'time' just doesn't stand still.

I will get back to the more personal/background things soon. In the meantime, thanks for the song suggestions....Now, I like to make it a supprise for all of you as to what will be chosen. So, be sure to come out and join us on the 30th at the Ridgewood Bandshell

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Topics...

Hey everyone! Hope your summer is going well! To this point, on my blog, I have spoken mostly about current events. Things that are happening to me as they happen. While I like to keep folks informed of where I am I also want you to get to know who I am. So, today I would like to share with you a little bit more about myself. Here goes...

I was born and raised in Huntington, WV, and proud of it! Save your WV jokes for another blog. I am a double Capricorn which means I have a very hard head. However, that also means that I, like most goats, will eventually make it to the top of the mountain.

I started singing at a very young age. I still feel that singing is my greatest gift. I want to and I try to share this gift as often as I can. Probably the most important fact about me is that I believe in GOD! Further, I give Him the credit and Glory for everything I have ever done and everything I will ever do!

Talk to you tomorrow!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Home again, Home again.......

We made it home without a hitch. On to the next project. I have to figure out what to sing at the Ridgewood band shell concert on July 30. Any suggestions? I hope some of you can make it out to the concert this year we always have such a great time! I'll be back to you soon. I hope you have a few ideas for songs........

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Well the concert at Wolf Trap was a huge success this evening! We had beautiful weather and the crowd was very appreciative. Though the humidity kept us all wiping our brow not a drop of rain fell thank the lord.

It's always a joy to perform with The National Symphony Orchestra and this evening was certainly true to form. Marvin was in great form, as well, and put on a fabulous evening of entertainment as usual!

Sorry if you missed it! Maybe next time. Bye for now!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Travel Day

Had a great day of travel today. Rained on and off most of the way. Didn't mind though because when I drive in beautiful weather I always think about how I could be doing something else. Like sitting on the beach, or, playing with my kids. This trip, driving to and from Florida, has given Christy and I some time to talk as well. We are wondering what is next for us in the grand scheme of things.

I got some new head shots taken while in Florida. After we choose our favorites I'll post a few so everyone can get a look at the new mug shot. Hope to see some of you at Wolf trap on Saturday. Have a great weekend!

Back with you soon.

J. Mark

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Fun and Work

Hope everyone is having a great summer! We have been in Orlando trying to take a break and relax a bit. Of course the girls have to see the Magic Kingdom and other attractions and I love to see them enjoy themselves!

Now we’re off on another adventure and heading up the east coast to Wolf Trap in Vienna, Virginia. I hope to see many of you as I appear there with Marvin Hamlisch and the National Symphony on Saturday, July 11th. Be sure to stop by the area where they sell CDs (I will be there signing) and say 'Hi"

See you there!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Recording, Trip Back, and More.....

The recording in Brighton for PBS to be aired in December went very well. They recorded it twice and I am anxious to see the finished product and I hope you are as well. The recording for the CD was also completed. I was on the original Concept CD for Tale of Two Cities (in a different role) and it will be interesting to hear this new recording.

Anyway, left Merry Old England for home and the flight was great - until - we were getting nearer to Newark Airport. We were delayed in the air as we were told about 'violent' thunderstorms in the area. Then, they announced we were being diverted to Logan. We didn't know how long this would be - but, I thank the Lord they decided to do this and miraculously - it wasn't that long. We were originally scheduled to arrive at Newark Airport at 6:30 PM but, actually arrived at 9:30. Christy and the girls were there waiting for me! It was so wonderful to see them after two weeks away!

Our reunion was short lived because the very next day I had to travel to Camp-Of-The-Woods in New York for an appearance there. Christy and I had appeared there on New Year's Eve and it was nice to see Camp-Of-The-Woods in the Spring/Summer.

Now Christy, the girls and I are heading for Florida until my appearance with Marvin Hamlisch and the National Symphony Orchestra at Wolf Trap on July 11th.

Hoping everyone is enjoying their summer!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sorry for the silence.........

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I have been experiencing a myriad of problems with my computer as we have moved on to Brighton and changed rehearsal locations and such. Yesterday, we moved into the Theatre Royal and began to tech the show. As always, it seems, "things" are not ever what you expect them to be. In this case the stage set is different than we had anticipated and been told. Nothing major, of course, just different. Being the responsible professional group we are everyone adjusted rather quickly and safely and we got through the first day of tech without a hitch. Well done! The Theatre Royal is a very lovely intimate 900+ seats, very quaint and comfortable. The show looks very nice in the space. We have a shot at costumes and wigs today, so, keep your fingers crossed for us! Back to you soon! Cheers!

Friday, June 19, 2009

It was the best of times.....

I started the day early today. Got the call late last night that I would be needed to record at 10 AM this morning. So, into a taxi I went at about 9:20 AM and off to Sphere Studios. I recorded the Promiss today with Simon Thomas the fellow portraying Charles Darnay in this production. The recording went very well and I enjoyed working with Simon. He has a lovely voice and is a smart actor. Really, the entire London cast and crew have been a joy to work with. They are all top notch in my book. After the tracks were complete I reported to Sadlers Wells again for some work on "The Tale", which is the scene in the French courtroom where Madame Defarge convinces the mob to seal the fate of Charles Darnay the french arristocrat. It is a complicated scene to stage and has taken great concentration and input from all parts, but, I think it is finally in good shape thanks to the openness of our stage director Jack.

I have the rest of the day free! Praise the Lord! The weather here has been great! We had a few scattered showers on Tuesday, but, it has been clear and sunny the rest of the time. Well it's off to have a late lunch and maybe a walk through the Park. Talk to you soon!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another great day!

We had another great day in London today. I was afforded a late call time, so, I lounged around the hotel a bit this morning. Later at the Sadler Wells rehearsal space around noon I was able to work all of my scenes one after the other thanks to Director Jack Cummings. Then a few of us were shuttled off by taxi to the Sphere Recording Studios where we are recording the cast CD to go along with the DVD of, "A TALE OF TWO CITIES", to be filmed for BBC and PBS later next week in Brighton. If that wasn't enough, I had a wonderful meeting with a talent agent, Ms. Denise Silvey. The meeting was arranged by my friend Nigel Richards who was in the cast of Les Miserables when I was portraying JVJ here in Londons West End. By the way, the meeting with the agent could not have gone better!

After the meeting which was at Century, a very nice private club, I strolled around the West End for a short while. What a great and vital energy. Not at all like I remember from back in 1992. Which reminds me of a great story I will have to share with you sometime. That's all for now. Talk to you later!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I forgot to tell you about the taxi ride home Monday evening. We were released around 6PM and there were about 8 or 9 of us going back to the hotel. So, we found a couple of cabs which took about 10 minutes. Well, I was in the cab with Natalie Toro and Dawn the head of props. About halfway along our journey the taxi just stops running. The driver throws his arms up in the air and says, " you may want to get another taxi, as, I don't know what the problem is." So, we get out of the taxi and start to hale another cab. About 5 minutes pass and I happen to look over where the first cab stopped running and he was no longer there. It took us another 20 minutes to finally get a ride to the hotel. Me thinks something fishy's goin' on with a certain London cab!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fun IN London

Well, we all arrived safe and sound! It was an unevenful flight! The best kind. Yeah Virgin Atlantic! After a short bus ride into London and social meal compliments of the company I got to sleep around 1:30 AM.

Monday morning we had a short company meeting with the cast members, like Jim Barbour, Natalie Toro and Kevin Earley from the Broadway cast and the new additions like Paul Baker and Nigil London. We are now one big happy family of 30 or so. It was a great first day and it is a pleasure to be working with old friends and new.

I'll get back to you

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Flight

So, today we flew to London. Jim Barbour, a few others and myself. Daytime flight - now that's new. Actually arrived on this trans-Atlantic fight early!