Friday, July 30, 2010

Teaching/Speaking is really fun!

I had a great time on Wednesday.  I was asked to present a Master Class at a Christian Theatre Camp for ages 12-18.  Now I have done master classes before, however, most of the time I am speaking to college age students.  At first I thought it was going to be difficult.  Not because of the material, but, because of the age.  How was I going to make sure I was not speaking over the heads of the middle school age.  I loved it!

One of the questions I always get asked in the master classes for older students is how do you keep your performance fresh night after night.  Well the answer is always the same.  I focus on telling the story to the one or two twelve year olds in the audience.  If I can make them understand everyone else in the audience will understand.  That was the trick of the session.  I was actually speaking to the twelve year olds in the class.  So, I felt right at home and the campers were very interested in what I had to share with them.  It didn't hurt that I had a couple of great accompanists and all involved were into the subject matter.

Maybe I do some more of this sharing thing!

God bless!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

So, I missed a day of blogging, so what?

I have to take a moment acknowledge my error and move forward.  Nobody is perfect.  Lot's of us tend to get bogged down in the perfectionism of our own personalities.  I'm like that at times.  I want everything I do to be perfect!  This is an irrational thought process that gets me in trouble.  Why?  Well, because I waste time thinking about what I did wrong, or, worse I beat myself up saying I should have done this, or, I could have done that and all the while the thing that I'm so upset about is over and done and nothing is going to change that.  Take it from me perfectionism is a time and self worth killer!  It is not good for anyone to agonize over the mistakes we make in life.  The one exception would be if we hurt someone else by our actions.   Then acknowledge the error say your sorry try to make it right and move on. 

Tomorrow I'll tell you about the master class I taught yesterday!  What a blast!

See ya soon!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Today I am preparing to teach a master class at a Christian Theatre Camp.  The students at the camp will range in age from 12 to 18.  I've been thinking about what is the single most important lesson that every student might take away from the class.  What is the one thing that will make it worth while for them and possibly make a difference in the way they approach their individual gifts.  I think the one thing would be perseverance. 

God gives each one of us a set of gifts.  The great thing is that each of us gets our very own set of gifts.  As I've said before I think it is our task to identify these gifts and use them to their full potential.  I look forward to sharing my experiences with the students tomorrow.  I also look very forward to seeing some of the gifts that God has given these children and young adults.  I'll let you know how it goes.


Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Monday.....

Typically Monday is the day that takes me a little bit to get going.  I do feel that it is mind over matter though.  Think about it.  Anything that you dread will most likely take a while to get going. If I can get a good start to the week I tend to accomplish more during that week. 

This week we had a nice visit with my folks.  They couldn't stay away when they heard about the band shell concert. Last week our good friends and neighbors, the Gilfillans moved away.  It was very sad.  Luckily we had a lot on our plates and we have resolved ourselves to visit as soon as possible.  However, they will be missed.  Having Nana and Papa around made it a bit easier for the girls to handle the loss of their next door neighbors.

Have a great week!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's high time..

It's high time "we the people," or at least the "silent majority," break our silence.  We are up to our ears in the muck and mire of corrupt politicians.  They are every where!  We are way past the point, as I see it, to try to fix what is wrong with our governing bodies.  We need to start all over again!  The members of the Congress and the Senate of the United States are supposed to represent the views of all the people not just the minority groups or the special interest groups, but, the "majority" as well.  It is time for real change!  We need to clean house.  The only way we are going to be able to take back control of this Great Nation, Our Great Nation, is to get them OUT!  Get rid of all the incumbents!  If you have been a member of the one of the governing bodies of state or federal government for more than 4 years you need to go!  I'm tired of the old boy networks and the bleeding heart liberals as well!  GET OUT!! 

Please excuse my rant, but, sometimes one needs to say what's on their mind even if it is not the view of all.  So that everyone knows where they stand.  We have lost any since of moral value in this country.  The current administration has us heading for bankruptcy.  We need drastic moral change!

I don't mean to be preaching to the choir.  I am part of that choir.  I'm just as guilty as the choir.  but, we the silent majority need to come out of the shadows and let our position be know.  We can't afford to be silent any longer.

God Bless you!


Friday, July 23, 2010


I am truly blessed!  We had a great time last night singing at the Ridgewood band shell.  There was a wonderful turn out and the weather was perfect.  The setting that God provided was nothing short of magnificent.  Everyone was in great voice and performed well, but, the kid's stole the show.  You know what they say, "never perform with kid's or animals," well they couldn't be more wrong.

I am very proud of my family and now all we have to do is make sure they understand the true meaning of humility.  The girl's know and understand where their gifts come from and with a little help from the Bible (Romans 12: 3) Christy and I will be able to keep the ego's in check.  They are both growing by leaps and bounds this summer.  It's fun to watch.  Talk with you soon!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy.......

Busy day today. Like no other day is...  Ha!  We are doing our annual concert at the Ridgewood Band Shell this evening.  I hope all who are in the area will come out and enjoy the music of Stephen Schwartz.  One of the first musicals I was ever involved in was GODSPELL.  When I was about 14 years old the church I attended had a group called the Celebration Cantors.  We performed this show and other Bible related musicals around our area.

We chose the program based on what's going on in all our lives these days.  Meaning we are all so busy we often forget what is really important.  God and my worship of Him is the most important element of my life.  I am also determined to instill this in the lives of my children as well.  In today's society it continues to get more difficult.  Looking back over my life the one thing that has been a constant is God's love for me.  I have not always deserved it, or, exhibited a Godly nature, however, I believe He has always loved me.  And, now that I have my priorities strait, I am so very glad He was patient and waited for me to turn to Him.

Hope to see you all this evening.

God Bless You!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Starting a New Habit

Starting a new habit is easy.  Just start doing it!  Breaking a bad habit is a whole other issue.  There is a great deal involved.  The most important element is desire.  You must want to stop the bad habit.  If you are going to stop smoking, for example, you must "want" to stop smoking.  I find it very much the same with regard to blogging.  I want to start blogging every day.  The habit I have to break is procrastinating!  I seem to let other things get in the way.  Not this time.  This time I'm going to do it!  Someone said in order to make something a habit you need to repeat that action a minimum of 21 times.  So, today I am starting the habit of blogging.  This is day one of twenty one.  Wish me luck!

God Bless!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I had a great time in Milwaukee several weeks ago.  I was the guest artist with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.  Marvin Hamlisch was the conductor and the program was of a patriotic nature filled with real original Americana.  There was a barber shop quartet, a blue grass band and a really great chorus.  The show was fun to do and very well received. 

I always have a good time when I get to where I'm going, however, traveling has become a real pain.  Not only are the airlines in general not user friendly, but, now with all the extra charges for checked bags, leg room, meals, pillows and more restrictions for claiming FF miles and oh yes let's' not forget the cost I plan to drive a lot more.  Besides I hate being away from my girls. 

Three weeks or so ago I donated my services to help a new friend launch of a wonderful program/product called "Life Givers."  Keep an eye out for this project it is one of a kind and really does promote life in abundance.

The week of fourth of July we, my family and I, embarked on a working vacation.  With the economy being the way it has for some time most of our vacations over the past few years have been taken in this manner.  It really works out pretty well for us.  The travel expenses are for business and thus get written off and the destinations are based on those willing to pay for my services.  Let's face it when you love what you do it almost doesn't seem like work anyway.

We drove to WV to visit my mom and dad for a few days in Huntington.  We got some time at the YMCA pool and had a lovely visit with some great friends that we don't get to see very often.  I also got to re-establish a friendship with a girl from my Jr. high school days Ms. Penny Watkins.  Penny is now living back in Huntington with her husband and children working as the director of the Marshall Artist Series.

The next leg we travelled into OH so I could sing a patriotic concert with a wonderful small orchestra, "The Ohio Valley Symphony."  The weather was cooperative for the out door event, but, very hot!  90 degrees right up to show time.  The orchestra played very well and I had fun singing along side the mighty Ohio river.  There was a fireworks display and a carnival and a great time was had by all.  I look forward to my next trip to Point Pleasant.
We then continued our journey up into MI to visit Christy's father and step mother.  Christy and I enjoyed the ride through OH and MI.  It gave us some time to talk and try to figure out what God has in mind for us.  Not that we will ever really know as He likes to keep us seeking, however, it makes us think we are, in some way, in control of somethings.  Our time in MI was filled with trips to the pool and the U Club and movies not to mention great fellowship with loving parents!

I love family vacations.  The one thing I find necessary after a great family vacation is a week or so to recuperate!

God Bless You All!