Saturday, November 28, 2009

Some Dates and times for the PBS Special

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! Just thought I'd let you know that there are a few dates/times/stations listed for the Tale of Two Cities in Concert PBS Special. I have listed them below - if anyone knows of more, feel free to list them.

December 13th 8pm

Phoenix/Tucson w/ KUAT
Sunday 12/6 at 8pm
Sunday 12/13 at 4pm
Friday 1/1 at 8:30pm

Sunday 12/13 at 1:30pm
(Note: earlier reports included WUSF/Tampa, but now we have WEDU as well)

San Diego/KPBS
Sunday 12/6 at 9pm

Monday 11/30 at 8pm



New York NJN
Sunday 12/6 at 4:30pm
Friday 12/11 at 8pm

Philadelphia WHYY
Sunday 12/6 at 8pm

Dallas KERA
Sunday 12/13 at 8:30pm

San Francisco KQED HD
Sunday 12/6 at 9pm
Tuesday 12/8 at 1pm
Monday 11/30 at 7pm on KQED LIFE and KTEH

Boston WGBH
Thursday 11/26 at 9pm on 2
Sunday 11/29 at 4pm on 44

Houston KUHT
Sunday 12/13 at 4pm

Tampa WEDU
Friday 12/4 at 12pm

Seattle KBTC
Friday 12/11 at 8:30pm
Saturday 12/19 at 10pm
Sunday 12/20 at 4pm

Miami WPBT
Sunday 11/29 at 4:30pm

Cleveland WVIZ
Sunday 12/6 at 9pm

Denver KRMA
Sunday 11/29 at 9pm

Sacramento KVIE
Sunday 12/6 at 9pm

Portland OPB
Wednesday 12/2 at 8pm
Sunday 12/13 at 8pm

Pittsburgh WQED
Sunday 12/6 at 9pm

Raleigh/Durham UNC-MX
Saturday 1/9 at 8pm

Kansas City KCPT
Sunday 12/6 at 7pm

Columbus WOSU
Sunday 11/29 at 4:30pm

Spartanburg SCETV
Sunday 12/6 at 9pm

San Antonio KLRN
Sunday 12/6 at 8pm

West Palm Beach WXEL
Tuesday 12/1 at 8pm and 11:30pm
Sunday 12/6 at 7pm

Grand Rapids WGVU
Sunday 11/29 at 9pm

Birmingham APT
Sunday 12/6 at 12:30pm

Saturday, November 21, 2009

PBS Special

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to let everyone know that the PBS Special of A Tale of Two Cities in Concert, which I recorded this summer in London and Brighton (along with James Barbour , Brandi Burkhardt, Natalie Toro and many others), will be shown in December on PBS.

Here is a link about it: Tale on PBS

There is also a preview here: Broadwayworld preview

Check your local listings to find out when this will be shown in your area.

Hope you enjoy!