Saturday, June 12, 2010

I must get better at this!

I know, I've been away too long, again.  I am trying to get used to this new way of communication and am finding I need to make a more concentrated effort to turn this task of blogging into a habit.  Can anyone help on how to start good habits?  I remember back in college I had no trouble forming bad habits!  However, good habits seem to have road blocks set up ready to detour you right back to the bad habits!  What is up with that?

Any way, last Monday, I portrayed a rather angry character Homer Hadley Hickam, in the the reading of Rocket Boys. The readings went very well and from all indications will be moving on to the next step in the process. We are all very fortunate to have gotten to meet and speak with the author Homer H. Hickam Jr., a fellow WV native, and a very down to earth man with great vision and humility.  If you haven't read the book, "Rocket Boys," put it on your list. It is a must read!

I've come to the conclusion I'm a bit of a method actor at times.  Now I don't mean I go live on the street if I'm playing a homeless man, but, at times it's necessary to take on the characteristics of the person you portray.  It helps to sell the mood of a character if you can somewhat embody that mood yourself.  DUH!  One just needs to be careful not to let the work spill over into real life.  That is the rub!  This can happen on a physical, psychological, or, emotional level.  It's not good to bring the anger of a character home with you it confuses family members.  One must always have a mechanism to erase and recall the mood. 

I, however, took it a bit too far on a physical level this time.  My character is dying slowly of, Black Lung, a respiratory disease common to miners of this time.  I had to cough on a number of occasions to give the impression of the illness.  Luckily I was having allergy which made it easier to cough, unluckily the allergy turned into a cold which in turn led to a sinus infection that is still effecting my body.  The antibiotic I'm on is finally controlling the infection, however, my advise, don't get too deep into your character development.

I'm joking of course, kinda, I don't think I manifested the ailment, however, the mind is a powerful tool and you must be in control of it at all times.  So, don't continue to live in bad moods, or, heap negativity on yourself or others.  Make sure you start each day anew with positive affirmations of health and wellness and I always find it helpful to reconfirm and commit to letting God be in control.

That's all for now!

God Bless you all!