Saturday, November 27, 2010

Did everyone survive Thanksgiving? Anyone over eat? How about Black Friday? Anyone get hurt shopping?

Silly questions perhaps, but, valid when you put it into perspective with what we view as normal behavior for our society.  We as a nation are so blessed.  We walk around in utter bliss most of the time and we are so used to it we we don't even recognize it.  We tend to view things that are luxuries or earned by hard work in almost every other society as things to which we are entitled.

I think it is important from this point forward to pay more attention to and build a stronger relationship with our sovereign God.  We also need to get involved in the things in which the government is involved.  We can no longer trust that the officials we elect will always have our best interest at heart.

We had a move toward real change this past election day.  I think it was a positive reaction to the garbage that has been stuffed down our throats by the government and the media, which in my opinion are one and the same, for many years.

I don't think that we are entitled to health care.  I don't think we are entitled to home ownership.  I don't think we are entitled to handouts, or, bailouts.  We are entitled to LIFE, LIBERTY and the, "Pursuit," of HAPPINESS!  We are entitled to these things because GOD ordained it!

Further, we need to educate ourselves about the, "progressive movement,"in this country.  In my humble opinion this movement is what has gotten this country to the state in which we find ourselves.  THE RAT RACE.  Everyone needs to understand what the, "progressive movement," is and what can be done in order to stop it.  More to come on this topic.

God Bless You!